One lofty project at a time

Twenty years ago CD Asia partners Meyose Libunao (left) and Lou Dabao-Sitaca realized that by digitizing legal information, they could make it accessible to more people and impact the delivery of justice as well as help government agencies be more transparent.

MANILA, Philippines – Twenty years after revolutionizing the law profession by digitizing legal research, CD Asia continues to bring out new products envisioned to strengthen the delivery of justice and public accountability of government agencies.

Most companies thrive on positive news and developments like an expanding economy and booming sectors. The 20-year old CD Technologies Asia Inc. or CD Asia, on the other hand, counts on a unique set of opportunities to boost the growth of its business.

A chief driver of its expansion plans at the moment is the move of the Aquino administration to foster greater transparency in government as a means to curb corruption. “Many government agencies today give free access to its rules, regulations and processes to enhance public accountability. Consequently, more people are seeking out the laws and rulings of agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Trade and Industry,” says Lou Dabao-Sitaca, president of CD Asia, which provides the above information in digital form, programmed with an advanced search engine.

Because businessmen, corporations and individuals need quick access to the laws and government issuances, CD Asia’s titles are moving more briskly. It used to be that only lawyers and magistrates were familiar with CD Asia’s products. These days, businessmen, accountants and Human Resource practitioners seeking new BIR, SEC and labor rulings have also become repeat clients. Both lawyers and non-lawyers are a captive market since few other companies have been able to match CD Asia’s nationwide distribution system or keep up with its track record for providing reliable information.

A byword among lawyers and magistrates alike, CD Asia revolutionized the legal profession in the Philippines in 1994 by making available legislation and court decisions on CD through its first product line, Lex Libris. “Lex,” as its users fondly call it, cut a lawyer’s library research time from days to minutes by compiling, among others, Republic Acts, Presidential Decrees and Proclamations and Administrative Orders. Since then, judges and others administering the law have reported turning out more timely and consistent decisions with the help of the Lex.

Over time, CD Asia has expanded its product lines and services to include organizing the legal information of key institutions like the Department of Agrarian Reform, Office of the Ombudsman, and Commission on Audit. By encoding, classifying, tagging and linking pertinent materials, CD Asia has made it easier for prosecutors, arbiters and auditors to search for relevant information necessary to implement their core functions. Before the advent of CD Asia, only the large law firms could afford to build and maintain a decent law library. The complete hardcopy collection of Supreme Court decisions alone could cost P500,000. “We offer the same material in optical media for P35,000,” smiles Sitaca, an Ateneo de Manila law graduate who worked for an NGO and together with four other friends dreamed of democratizing access to legal information through technology in the early ‘90s.

“Yes, we’ve levelled the playing field and have gotten a lot of commendations from solo practitioners, who would otherwise not be able to afford even the most basic reference material for their pleadings.”

The dream to continue priming the judicial and legal system with the help of technology continues to push forward Sitaca, Libunao and their two other partners — Rachel Romana-Waatti and non-lawyer Maria Nemia Herrera-Rafael. Their next project is the multi-volume Philippine Jurisprudence Encyclopedia. The first volume on Obligations and Contracts is set to be launched soon. The prime value of this projected series of volumes, a joint venture with AccessLaw, Inc., is that each will be organized so a researcher can easily follow the history of Supreme Court doctrines on specific topics as these evolved over the years through relevant cases. Like all other CD Asia products, it makes legal research easier and more accurate.To pen a decision, for instance, a judge or justice will no longer need to go through volumes and volumes of cases to cite a doctrine.

Very much like Apple users who are known to have a special affinity with the brand, CD Asia clients have a unique relationship with the products of the company. Just like Apple, CD Asia stakes its business on innovation, a product value that is hard to earn and better yet, is not easily replicated.

Source from: One Lofty Project Time

SBCA-SOL bestows the Orbaz Budi Award to Topnotchers

By Maria Josefin R. Alfonso

(From left) CD Asia’s Atty. Maria Theresa G. Libunao and Atty. Ma. Lourdes D. Sitaca, Atty. Rodolfo Q. Aquino, Mrs. Helen Aquino, and Dean Ulan Sarmiento

The San Beda College of Law honors every graduate who makes it to the top ten of the Bar Examinations. This accolade is called the Kalantiaw Award, which has been received by numerous topnotchers from the San Beda Manila campus.

This year, however, is another first of sorts for the San Beda College Alabang School of Law. For the first time since the birth of the School of Law in Alabang, a graduate has come out triumphant, not only for passing the 2011 Bar Examinations, but also for garnering the 10th spot in the previously held bar exams. For his astounding achievement, the members of the San Beda College Alabang Board of Trustees, through the initiative of Dean Ulpiano Sarmiento III, unanimously agreed that an award should be bestowed upon Atty. Rodolfo Q. Aquino, the very first bar topnotcher of SBCA-SOL. This award shall be known as the ORBAZ BUDI AWARD, which shall be conferred upon every graduate who assumes one of the top ten slots in the Bar Examinations.

ORBAZ BUDI is an old Hebrew-Russian saying which means, “Be thou an example (or symbol).” Taken from 1 Timothy 4:12, the verse declares the call of St. Paul to Timothy to, “Be an example to all the believers in the way you speak and behave, and in your love, your faith and your purity.” ORBAZ BUDI, VYERNUIM, SLOVOM, ZHITIEM, LIUBOUIU, VXEROIN, CHISTOTOIU.

Aside from the honor of being given the coveted Orbaz Budi medal, Atty. Aquino and future bar topnotchers from SBCA-SOL shall receive CD Titles from CD Technologies Asia, Inc., a pioneer in electronic legal research in the Philippines. By partnering with CD Asia, bar topnotchers from San Beda Alabang shall receive an electronic library set of Philippine Laws and Jurisprudence, which shall provide future awardees with access to the most comprehensive databases of law related materials.

The bar topnotcher shall also receive a generous cash prize from San Beda College Alabang, as kindly approved by Dom Clement Ma. Roque, OSB.

The achievements of Atty. Aquino and of other future bar topnotchers from Alabang should be acknowledged and looked up to by all law students, specially those who are yet to take the bar examinations. As how Dean Sarmiento put it, the barristers should “be firm, determined, stubborn, tenacious, blessedly obstinate in fulfilling that goal of becoming a true Bedan lawyer.” In addition, future Bedan bar topnotchers are expected to be exemplary models of proper behavior and must present themselves in a manner that is befitting of a Bedan lawyer.

This article appeared in the Graduation issue of The Red Chronicles, the official publication of the San Beda College-Alabang School of Law. San Beda College Alabang campus is located at 8 Don Manolo Blvd., Alabang Hills Village, Alabang, 1770 Muntinlupa City.

PCDSPO, CD Asia ink partnership for Official Gazette

A March 14, 2012 press release from the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office

In line with the Aquino administration’s goal to encourage the private sector to help in governance, a partnership was created yesterday to give the public access to thousands of Philippine legal and government documents through the Official Gazette website (

Officials of CD Technologies Asia (CD Asia) and of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO), led by Secretary Ramon Carandang, signed a memorandum of agreement that will accelerate the Aquino administration’s plan to establish the Official Gazette website as the official government online portal and archive for government issuances. [More photos of the signing here.]

PCDSPO, Malacañang’s messaging and strategic research arm, is tasked to be the custodian of the institutional memory of the Office of the President. Meanwhile, CD Asia, publisher of the electronic Lex Libris series and the Philippine Legal Encyclopedia Series, is taking part in this groundbreaking effort to raise the Official Gazette to international standards.

The historic partnership allows for an information-sharing system between CD Asia and PCDSPO, in which CD Asia shares with the Official Gazette selected Executive Issuances, Congressional enactments, and Supreme Court decisions it has amassed. In return, the Official Gazette will share source documents, as well as recently signed documents, with CD Asia. The result of this effort will be greater accessibility for citizens of our laws through the Internet.

In a speech delivered in New York last September, President Benigno S. Aquino III announced that the Official Gazette would be the government portal. Delivered during the “Power of Open: A Global Discussion“ organized by Google, President Aquino said, “On the principle that legislations and other regulations must be freely accessible to all, it is working to make over a century’s worth of legislation and executive issuances freely available to the public.” This agreement is a significant step in this direction.


LexisNexis partners with CD Asia to introduce Lexis Philippines


Law for Art’s Sake Book and CD Launch

Last December 16, 2011, artists, art lovers and lawyers came together for the launch of “Law for Art’s Sake: An Introduction to Legal Gobbledygook.” Authored by Prof. J. Sedfrey Santiago, the book is a lively and successful attempt at making the law understandable, particularly in the world of art and art-related transactions. It addresses relevant questions like – What does the law provide for artists? How is creative work protected? When is copyright violated? How different is copyright infringement from art forgery? The author clarifies many such issues through the use of arresting visuals and a lucid discussion of relevant cases resolved in court.

The launch was held at the MVP Basement (beside the Ateneo Art Gallery) of the Ateneo de Manila Loyola campus. Prof. Santiago is a popular teacher at the Marketing and Law Department of the the John Gokongwei School of Management of the Loyola Schools.

In recognition of Prof. Santiago’s longstanding advocacy of the interests of indigenous communities, seven (a sacred number for the artists) works the Talaandig visual artists were shown in a one-day exhibit entitled “Sa Bebelek Hu Dalantad” (Colors of the Earth). Seven beautiful art works, painted entirely using soil, were displayed for the audience’s appreciation. The collection featured the works of Balugto Necosia, Salima Saway-Agra-an, Soliman Poonon, Raul Bendit, Nino Tecson, Intonda Kinuyog, and Nympha Bendit, and gave us a glimpse into the fascinating world of the Talaandig tribe of Lantapan, Bukidnon. Art cards, greeting cards and other items made by the artists were also displayed and sold.

The program, emceed by Atty. Tanya Lat, began with a ritual held in the garden outside the venue led by Waway Saway, and featured a musical number from the Talaandig artists as well as remarks from Ms. Maricon Baytion, head of the Ateneo University Press, Prof. Santiago, Mr. Saway and Atty. Ma. Lourdes Sitaca, the President of CD Technologies Asia, Inc. (CD Asia). Mr. Saway, who is a datu, artist, musician and educator, mentioned in his speech that he introduced soil painting to his community as a way for them to share their cultural heritage. The program ended with a book signing and cocktails among law librarians, lawyers, students and friends of the esteemed author.

The launch and exhibit was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Ateneo University Press under the energetic leadership of Ms. Baytion and Mr. JV Castro who curated the exhibit; Atty. Lat whose efforts made possible the participation of the Talaandig artists; and CD Asia, the publisher of Law for Art’s Sake on CD-ROM. The book’s electronic version features the full-text of the cases and laws referenced in the print publication, programmed with a search software for ease of use.

The print copy of the book is available at the Ateneo University Press. CD Asia sells the book bundled with the CD-ROM for P1,795.

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DAR Legal Information System Online


Upcoming Titles for Release at the End of November 2011

Law for Art’s Sake: An Introduction to Legal Gobbledygook By J. Sedfrey S. Santiago

A finalist for the 30th National Book Awards, Professions Category, this book with an accompanying CD provides non-lawyers with a grasp of the basics of ownership, protection and infringement of copyright involving art works and the legal implications of art-related transactions.    

Compendium of Education Legislation for Private Basic Education By Dr. Ulpiano “Ulan” P. Sarmiento III.

This compilation highlights the significant amendments and/or revisions on the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools (MRPS) with updates on the new laws and jurisprudence applicable to educational institutions as decided by the Supreme Court.

2011 Bulletins now available

The first quarter 2011 Bulletins for Lex Libris Laws, Taxation and Jurisprudence are now available. The second quarter Bulletins for the three titles and the first release of Bulletins for other Lex Libris titles will be released in August. Call (+632) 6385286 to subscribe!


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