21 Reasons to Subscribe to CD Asia Online

1.   Access to the Most Comprehensive Philippine Legal Database Online – CD Asia Online now has seven (7) libraries: Laws, Jurisprudence, Department of Justice, Taxation, Securities and Exchange Commission, Elections, and Labor. More libraries will be added this year.
2.   More Subscription Options – Subscribe to one, all or any combination of libraries, for one month, six months or one year. Key functions such as Cited-in and Cross-reference will be activated across subscribed libraries.
3.   Special Subscription Packages – Law schools and law students can avail of highly-discounted packages under the Academe Program. We also offer institutional rates for subscriptions with five or more users.
4.   Easy Navigation – Find your way easily and conveniently around the new interface.
5.    Advanced search engine – Power your research with a powerful and specially-designed site-specific search engine.
6.   Full-text Searching – CD Asia Online contains the complete text of issuances, gathered only from official sources and carefully processed and proofread,  so you can be confident your research is always thorough, accurate and in context.
7.   Customized Query Template – Each library has a query template especially designed to help you find issuances with pinpoint precision.
8.   Advanced Search Techniques – Use advanced techniques such as Boolean and proximity searching, to narrow or expand your search results.
9.    Organized Search Results – Your search results will be presented from the latest issuance to the earliest, and may be sorted according to relevance.
10.   Saved Searches – Save your search results and retrieve them without having to retype advanced or complicated search parameters.
11.   Full Document View – Read the complete text of any issuance, including the separate opinions and selected synopses and syllabi of Supreme Court decisions.
12.   Search Matches – Your search parameters will be highlighted in the text of the document. Locate them in the document you are viewing by simply clicking on forward and back arrows.
13.   Print, Email, Download or Bookmark – Easily copy, share or remember relevant issuances.
14.   Automatic Citation – The citation of an issuance will automatically be added when you copy it or a portion of it and paste it to another document.
15.   Cross-reference – Get a list of references cited in the issuance you are viewing, locate it in the issuance, and, if you are subscribed to the appropriate library, access its complete text.
16.   Cited-in – Survey issuances from your subscribed libraries which have cited the issuance you are viewing to check if it is still valid, has been amended, or even repealed or overruled.
17.    Hovering Footnote – When you place your cursor on a footnote number, the text of the footnote will appear onscreen.
18.   My CDAsia Online – Personalize your subscription by adding notes and annotations on specific issuances, bookmarking relevant documents and saving your search results. You can view your personalized contents for up to three (3) months after the expiration of your subscription.
19.    Almost Real-time Updating – All libraries are updated shortly after materials become available from official sources.
20.   Citation Finder – Locate a case in the Jurisprudence library using only the Philippine Reports or SCRA citation.
21.    After-sale Support – The CD Asia Online Team is always ready to respond to your queries and concerns.


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System Requirements

Single Installation

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Operating System (OS): Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, Vista, 7, (32 bit, 64 bit); MAC OS 9 and 10
(Requires Windows Emulation Software for MAC OS 10)

Minimum Memory Requirement: At least 128 MB RAM for Windows

Free HDD Space: 100MB

Others: DVD Drive

Network Installation

Processor: Pentium IV 1.7 GHz or Higher

Network OS: Windows Server 2003 (32 bit only)
Windows XP (Professional Edition)
‐ 10 Simultaneous User (Max.)
Windows NT 2000
Windows NT 4

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Free Hard Disk Space: 10GB

Others: DVD Drive